About us

We are a Dutch family business, in operation since 1957. Our core competence is the preservation of fruits, vegetables and pulses. Our quality products find their way to consumers through the supermarkets of our European retail partners. From premium label to private label and basic products, we supply the right quality at the best price in each sector.

2017 and beyond

We believe that innovation is the basis for our continued success in the future. We therefore invest in our people, our factories and in long-term relationships with our partners. Our R&D efforts concentrate on making healthy and delicious food accessible to every consumer. Our focus will remain on the right quality at the best price - both in the refrigerated section and on the grocery shelf.

Up to 2010

Changing consumer behaviour, growth in the number of eating occasions and the increase in the number of smaller households formed the basis of our product and packaging development. We introduced small packaging in cans and glass and were innovative in flexible packaging. We introduced our European partners to applesauce in cups and fruit snacks in pouches. 

The 1990s

The consumer and their behaviour were constantly changing and we evolved along with these changes. We invested in our sales and marketing disciplines and quality and sourcing were high on the policy agenda. The third generation joined the family business and management was further strengthened with professionals from the FMCG industry. European sales continued to grow through our retailers and new non-household markets.

The 1980s

Coroos developed into a leading European producer. Our product range grew in line with European sales. We broadened our product range with new varieties of vegetables and pulses, and increased our knowledge of sourcing raw materials. The second generation joined the family business and with the acquisition of Veluco in Geldermalsen we continued to expand our capacity.

The 1970s

We introduced the glass jar as new consumer packaging; a packaging that even today is the gold standard in Dutch supermarkets. Renovation and expansion in the factory manifested themselves in the form of putting in a new sterilisation tower, expanding the storage capacity and the creation of our own water purification system, unique in the Netherlands at that time.

The beginning - 1957

Mr Cor Oostrom, Sr., founder of the current family business, started in Kapelle in Zeeland with the canning of soft fruits such as strawberries, raspberries and blackberries, all manual labour. Our first production site was built on our own private land in 1960. This was the start of large-scale preservation of fresh fruits and vegetables by Coroos.