COROOS launches fruit pouches with wings

COROOS launches fruit pouches with wings 23-07-2021

COROOS, the producer of preserved vegetables, pulses and fruit in cans, jars, pots and flexible packagings, launched its first fruit pouches for the European market in 2008.

From September 2021, Coroos will be introducing the safe and environmentally-friendly winged cap on its fruit pouches. The innovative design of this winged cap makes the fruit pouches even easier to open and eliminates the risk of swallowing. In addition to safety and convenience, the cap's design also promotes sustainability. The winged cap is made of the mono-material polypropylene and is therefore 100% recyclable. What's more, the new winged cap consists of 25% less material than the old cap. As a result, COROOS is saving more than 100,000 kilograms of plastic, resulting in an annual CO2 reduction of over 200,000 kilograms.

Consumers are very positive about this winged cap, especially in terms of child safety and convenience. These points are seen as added value for the product. The cap can be opened without too much force and its shape and size make it safe for small children.
The winged cap will be seen on all fruit pouches produced by COROOS for the European market from Q4-2021.

The launch of this innovative winged cap is one of the latest packaging features made possible by a brand new modern packaging line for fruit pouches that COROOS has invested in. "This new packaging line offers our customers and consumers many new possibilities", says Dies Oostrom (Director Quality & Innovation), such as multi packs, mix packs of up to 4 different flavours per box and various pouch sizes. This makes us more flexible and enables us to respond even better to ever-changing consumer needs and serve a broader target audience in various markets."

COROOS produces a wide range of high quality products in pouches, such as fruit and vegetable purees, plus fruit with plant-based additives such as oats, coconut and soya. The recipes from the COROOS kitchen are clean label and therefore contain only natural ingredients. These products are available as both premium brand and private label products in European supermarkets.

For more information or to register you interest in pouches with winged caps, please contact the commercial department at: