In Europe Coroos is among the top three producers of preserved fruits, pulses and vegetables in jars, cans and flexible packaging. Consumers will find our products on the groceries shelf and in the refrigerated section of the supermarket. Innovating on product quality is central to our long-term goals. We are guided in this by the changing consumer demand for healthy, convenient and tasty food.



Eating fruit is healthy but the average consumer does not yet meet the recommended amount of 200 grams a day. We bring fruit snacks to Dutch consumers directly from the grocery shelf in cups and pouches. With these wholesome fruit snacks we create new eating moments for fruits. 

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Pulses are tasty and healthy but still relatively unknown. The new Food Pyramid changes all that by encouraging the consumption of pulses. Increasingly, consumers are discovering the possibilities for using pulses in jars and cans as an easy ingredient for a flavoursome and healthy meal. We are responding to this trend with our innovative product development and our broad range.

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Vegetable consumption is on the rise but the average consumer still does not meet the recommended amount of 250 grams. In a busy world with limited time, vegetables in jars and cans offer a healthy, tasty and easy solution for adding more vegetables to mealtimes. Flavour and health are the basis of our innovation through the use of advanced technology in the process of preserving and packaging vegetables.

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