Eating fruit is healthy but the average consumer does not yet meet the recommended amount of 200 grams a day. We bring fruit snacks to Dutch consumers directly from the grocery shelf in cups and pouches. With these wholesome fruit snacks we create new eating moments for fruit. 

 ‘The new food’

Increasingly, consumers want to eat healthy, as long as it’s easy to prepare! Our diet is changing and the amount of time that we have or take to prepare our meals is ever decreasing. Many consumers still do not eat enough fruit and vegetables. There is a need for convenient products in which all the attributes of healthy and tasty fruit are present.

Long-lasting without additives

Coroos has been a specialist in fruit and preservation for sixty years. We innovate on the fundamental product properties of our fruit products based on the conviction that fruit is delicious and healthy and does not need any addition. We develop and test our ideas in our innovation lab. We apply our knowledge and experience in our factory - the most modern fruit factory in Europe. Our fruit products are sold in The Netherlands and Europe under private labels.

Cups and Pouches

Coroos focuses on high quality fruit concepts that concentrate on health, taste and convenience. Our product can be found on the grocery shelf as well as at the checkout impulse shelf. As a category leader, our innovations involve sugar reduction and organic fruit snacks (health), the introduction of new fruits and fruit snacks containing pieces of fruit (taste). We are also leading in the development of packaging for ‘between-meal snacks’ and individual consumption (cups and pouches).