Good quality starts at the source. We source all our fruit, vegetables and pulses from our local, national and international partners, following a strict protocol of quality standards and checks throughout the entire supply chain. Our sourcing policy is aimed at ensuring we have the right quality raw materials available for production at the right time – all year round.

Research & Development

We are a consumer-driven production organisation, which means that our business is guided by changing consumer needs. In line with this, we are constantly investing in innovations in healthy, convenient and flavoursome products.

Food safety

To ensure food safety for consumers, we work in accordance with the requirements of the International Food Standard (‘IFS Higher Level’) and the British Retail Consortium (BRC).  


Coroos preserves fruit, vegetables and pulses.  We carry out this core task in a sustainable manner when it comes to raw materials, the environment and our customers. For example, we are constantly striving to keep our ecological footprint as small as possible. Furthermore, we work with our own resources, such as our own water treatment system, to affect the environment as little as possible.  Our long-term focus is aimed at entering into sustainable relationships with our employees and suppliers.

BRC-IFS logoYou can read more about the ‘International Food Standard’ (IFS) and British Retail Consortium (BRC) certificates by clicking on the links.

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Research & Development

Food safety


Research & Development

Coroos believes in healthy and tasty food that is easy to prepare and is accessible to everyone. We are a consumer-driven production organisation.  To meet the needs of the ‘new consumer’, we continuously invest in innovations in the field of healthy, convenient and tasteful products.

‘The new food’

Increasingly, consumers want to eat healthy, as long as it’s easy to prepare! Our diets are changing and the amount of time that we have or take to prepare our meals is ever decreasing. The product developments of our Research & Development team respond to these consumer trends.

Natural products

We invest in research and development. We have our own in-house product developers and our own innovation centre and test lab.  We research and test the possibilities for mild preservation within the boundaries of our own R&D facilities.  We focus on natural products that retain their original flavour, bite, smell and colour, because we believe a healthy product that still contains its own fibre and vitamins doesn’t need additives.  In our R&D, we work closely together with various research partners such as IRI, GFK, Wageningen UR and the University of Gent.


Food safety

Food safety is our top priority. To guarantee this, we are certified to the ‘higher level’ of the International Food Standard (IFS). We also meet all the requirements which the British Retail Consortium (BRC) imposes on food products. We have also defined strict criteria for, among other things, our quality management system, HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) and Food Defence (which concerns protection against intentional contamination).

Regular auditing ensures the effectiveness of these guarantees. Furthermore, all our products are subject to stringent checks by both our own quality department and by external independent laboratories at home and abroad. We also have an up and downstream tracking & tracing system, which allows us to ensure the traceability of every ingredient and end-product.